Ivana Marić


Ivana Maric is independent political commentator from Bosnia and Herzegovina daring to criticizes government and opposition alike. Almost 20 years active in political life and cooperation with political parties. She earned her Master᾿s Degree in Economics at the University of Sarajevo. Her field of interest is the impact of political propaganda on voting behavior. She passed all the exams at the Global Doctoral Study of the University of Sarajevo and is currently working on a doctoral dissertation on the topic of the political spiral of silence on social media networks.

Her political analyses are often published in digital and print media, and she is almost a daily guest commentator on radio and television shows in B&H and beyond. She is also a social media influencer in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

She has been holding lectures and consultations on elections campaign, public relations, communication, public appearances, political marketing, social media and other subjects. Ivana is also the owner of a private business through which she advises on public relations, public speaking and communication.

Ivana was member of the Board of Directors of the Open Society Foundation in Bosnia and Herzegovina. She is member of the Bosnia and Herzegovina- British Embassy Fellowship Program. She is also member of European Association of Political Consultant. Ivana was president of the supervisory board of Kamerni teatar 55, Sarajevo.

Ivana is the owner of agency PRoMI, which deals with PR consulting, crisis consulting and preparations for public appearances of politicians, entrepreneurs and all other public figures.

Sarajevo/Humska 150/71000/[email protected]