Eirini Kafourou

Eirini Kafourou is an experienced Communications and Marketing Specialist with a B.A. in Communication and Media Studies and a M.A. in Conflict Management from University of Athens.

From her university years up until now, Eirini has been a member of SYRIZA’s Youth Organization (Greek Political Party) and a candidate for Athens’ municipal council at 2019’s elections. Through her active involvement, she has gained valuable experience on grassroots campaigning and motivating volunteers for political activations.

Eirini is also an activist, deeply engaged with subjects related to bullying, as well as the LGBTQ community.

Currently working in the fields of Artificial Intelligence & Marketing as an Analyst, Eirini assists in the planning and execution of Innovation, Insights & Research projects to develop implementable Frameworks, Models and Theoretical Approaches. One of her latest projects is to develop a model that measures the emotional impact and persuasive power of visual or textual assets, using Machine Learning Technologies.

Eirini is a proud polyglot, who loves exploring new cultures. She is a native Greek speaker and fluent in English, German, Italian and Japanese.