Erick Oswaldo Villegas Aguayo

Oswaldo Villegas


Erick Oswaldo Villegas Aguayo is a co-founder and Director of Image, Design and Multimedia at Heurística Comunicación, the political comunication agency and corporate of companies that offer comprehensive political communication services.

Villegas Aguayo has a history of more than 15 years in the field of political communication. His experience has led him to lead governmental and institutional campaigns, and his creativity has crossed borders with the creation of international campaigns. With his great capacity for analysis as a creative director, he has coordinated multiple projects at local, national and international levels.

He has stood out for his analytical and creative capacity in the production of audiovisual materials and graphic design carried them out for electoral campaigns such as: the winning presidential campaign of Mexico in 2018, other state governor campaigns, municipalities, congressmen and senators, as well as contributing with his experience in electoral campaigns for the Dominican Republic.

Guadalajara/Francia 1557/[email protected]