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Stratagem Inc d.o.o., with presence in Slovenia and India, is an international strategy consultancy firm focused on providing business, diplomatic and political consultancy to small and medium sized diplomatic missions in New Delhi, India. By utilizing its services these diplomatic missions are able to streamline their operations thereby benefiting from better bilateral relations. Stratagem Inc d.o.o. offers strategy solutions to these missions on an issue-by-issue basis. Some of these missions pass on the contact details to the private companies from their respective countries in order for them to take Stratagem Inc d.o.o.’s help in formulating their “country entry” and expansion strategies. At this moment, Stratagem Inc d.o.o. is dealing with over 30 diplomatic missions comprising of countries from various parts of Africa, Asia, South America and Europe.
Stratagem Inc d.o.o. has a plethora of experience in formulating electoral strategies for political parties and individual candidates having done extensive political work in the largest democracy of the world. Electoral strategies include digital, mass communication, and media strategies. Key strengths that Stratagem Inc d.o.o. brings to the table are the ability to analyse voter data and formulate strategies based on that. Stratagem Inc d.o.o. is also sought after to formulate political strategies on domestic and foreign policy issues.
Specialties Include:
Political consulting / marketing
Campaign strategy / management
Political communications
Government Relations
Public Relations/Affairs

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