EAPC Conference 2021

Welcome to Vienna

In September 1996, a small group of European political consultants met at the Vienna airport to officially found the EAPC. Among them were the two founding fathers of the IAPC, Joseph Napolitan and Michel Bongrand. As the history of the EAPC shows, the foundation of the European Association can be traced back to the initiative of Sepp Hartinger, who was also elected as the first president of the EAPC at the founding conference. Now, 25 years later, it is a reason to return back to the founding city. The organization of the conference is – as in 1996 – in the hands of Sepp Hartinger.

"With the Conference in Vienna, we want to review on the one hand these 25 exciting years and the development of the EAPC, and on the other hand set a strong new start after the pandemic."

says Sepp Hartinger.

The conference is planned to last three days. The EAPC Masterclass will start in the afternoon of the first day, followed by an EAPC reception and an anniversary evening “25 years of EAPC”. The second and third day are dedicated to exciting presentations with well-known speakers. As part of the social program, an extraordinary evening in one of the most legendary Viennese wine restaurants is planned, as well as a gala evening high above Vienna.


We all hope, that due to the incipient vaccinations against Covid-19 it will be possible to travel without any problems until June so we can welcome a great forum in Vienna. Details will follow in February 2021.


Here once more an overview of the program:

EAPC Europe Conference 2021, Vienna/Austria

Day 1:

  • Arrival in the morning
  • EAPC Masterclass in the afternoon 
  • Evening reception and EAPC Anniversary Evening “25 Years EAPC” 

Day 2:

  • Conference in the morning
  • Kick-off with well-known speakers
  • Lunch at the conference venue
  • Conference in the afternoon
  • Reception by Austrian politics
  • Short Sightseeing Tour in Vienna
  • Dinner in the vineyards

Day 3:

  • Conference in the morning
  • Lunch at the conference venue
  • End of the conference around 14:00
  • EAPC General Assembly in the afternoon
  • EAPC gala evening high above Vienna

Impressions of beautiful Vienna: