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Welcome to EAPC

The European Association of Political Consultants is the leading platform for all professionals in political communications. The main goals of the association are:

• Development, support and maintenance of democratic processes
• Mutual exchange of information and experience
• Co-operation and understanding beyond all borders and cultures

Who can be a member?

All professionals with a European interest, of both European and non-European origin, who have the desire to learn from each other and pass knowledge across borders and between cultures. Members come from fields including: 


Campaign partners


Steps to Membership

If you are a professional and accept our Code of Conduct, constitution and work for democracy, you are eligible to join the EAPC. Becoming a member is a three-stage process:

1. Contact current members
You need two current members to support your membership. Please ask colleagues from your country, our EAPC ambassadors, or the EAPC office.

2. Fill in the application
Please fill in the application below and sent it together with a picture of you and your CV (no longer than 500 characters max.) to our office.

3. Payment of membership fee
After sending all documents you will receive an invoice for the annual membership fee. After paying the invoice, you will be a member and will be added into the EAPC member directory. Memberships are officially ratified at the next general assembly. 

Membership year

The EAPC membership year is the calendar year. If someone joins the EAPC later than July 1st, they pay only 50% of the membership fee in the first year.

Cancellation of membership

In the regrettable circumstance that someone wishes to leave the EAPC, they are able to cancel their membership. If they wish to cancel their membership to the present year, they must serve notice by September 30th at the latest. 

Membership fee

The current membership fee is EUR 200,- per year. The cost of membership is decided annually at the general assembly. Fees must be paid by the end of January every year. EAPC members are only physical people – not companies or organizations.

Application Form

To submit your application to become a member of the EAPC please fill in the application form (CLICK HERE to download our application form). Once completed, please send the application form plus your CV and a portrait picture to: [email protected]