EAPC Academy 4: Juni, 2021

Germany election 2021: Who will be the next chancellor?

The fourth evening of the EAPC Academy at the beginning of June started with a very special topic. Volker Riegger, Reza Kazemi and Oliver Lindner gave a great, informative talk about the upcoming parliamentary elections in Germany.


Volker Riegger


Reza Kazemi


Oliver Lindner

The presentations covered everything from the specifics of German electoral law to the dangers to Germany from the radical right-wing AFD (Alternative for Germany). The respective starting positions of the parties and their strategies for campaigning, especially in times of pandemic, were also discussed in considerable detail.

It became apparent that for the first time in many years, Germany could have a majority to the left of center, which is essentially shaped by the new strength of the Greens.

The current chancellor’s party, the CDU, has lost a great deal of sympathy, especially as a result of the unsuccessful nomination of candidates. All the more hotly contested will be the next months up to the election, whereby theMobilisierung of the voters a completely crucial role to.

The entire evening will be available on this page via Youtube in the next few days. A big compliment to all speakers for their presentations.
Here is the link to “New Trends in Digital Campaigning” by Feyi Akindoyeni:

EAPC Academy 3: April, 2021

EAPC Academy: Christoph Hofinger and Torbjörn Sjöström
gave in-depth insights into the ins and outs of polling.

At the beginning of April, exactly on April 6, the third evening of the EAPC Academy, which was launched in December, went on stage. Under the title “Whats wrong with polling?”, two of the best European pollsters outlined the background to why opinion research can sometimes not be as accurate as many would like. They used many examples to show weak points that can lead to incorrect conclusions if they are incorrectly assessed.

Torbjörn Sjöström from NOVUS Sweden emphasized in particular the often incorrect conclusions that most media draw from the figures available. In order to avoid such misinterpretations, it is necessary to coordinate each conclusion in advance with the respective persons responsible. Only authorized conclusions can avoid misinterpretations.

In his speech, Christoph Hofinger from SORA Austria underlined the enormous changes that opinion research has undergone in recent years and emphasized the constant adaptation of methods to changes.

Torbjörn Sjöström from NOVUS Sweden
Christoph Hofinger, Austrian social researcher
Afterwards, the discussion between the speakers was extremely valuable, revealing unbelievable details. Questions from the participants of the extremely well-attended evening rounded off the third edition of the EAPC Academy. We would like to take this opportunity to thank Christoph Hofinger and Torbjörn Sjöström for a very successful evening. The entire recording of the evening will be available on this page next week.
Here is the link to “New Trends in Digital Campaigning” by Feyi Akindoyeni:
Here is the Video-Link to Torbjörn Sjöström and Christoph Hofinger:

By the way, the next EAPC Academy will start on Tuesday, June 1st, 2021. 

EAPC Academy 2: February, 2021

EAPC Academy: Feyi Akindoeyni inspired everyone

The second edition of the EAPC Academy took place at the beginning of February. The program included an exciting lecture on “New Trends in Digital Campaigning” with the Vice President of the International Association of Political Consultants and great expert Feyi Akindoeyni from Australia.
The President of the Australian public policy Government Relations Association and consultant to the Australian Government took the trouble to get up extremely early to give her presentation at 4:00 a.m. Australian local time and to discuss the topic with the participants.


“I was happy to do it, as it gave me the opportunity to meet many old friends and acquaintances again, at least virtually,” Feyi said.

In her presentation, Feyi brought examples of the use of existing data for political campaigns and its practical application.

It was just incredible to see all these examples and their use and impact. Feyi was so fresh in her talk and inspired us all,” was the unanimous opinion of the amazingly large number of attendees.

Here is the link to “New Trends in Digital Campaigning” by Feyi Akindoyeni:

Once again, a big thank you to Feyi Akindoeyni for her willingness and fascinating insights.

By the way, the next EAPC Academy is scheduled for Tuesday, April 6, 2021, again at 18:00, CET. There, Christiph Hofinger, SORA Austria, and Torbjörn Sjöström, NOVUS Sweden, will present their experiences on “What’s wrong in polling?” and discuss them with the participants. Take your time. Be there. We look forward to seeing you.

EAPC Academy 1: December, 2020

Rick Ridder: Inspiring moments at the premiere

At the beginning of December, the EAPC launched a new special service for its members: The EAPC Academy. The aim of this service is to provide members regularly with new perspectives about campaigning presented by well-known speakers. The kick-off of this exclusive series for EAPC members was presented by Rick Ridder, campaign legend from RBI Strategies & Research, Denver/Colorado, USA.

Rick Ridder, who has been involved in many campaigns around the world for decades, inspired the audience with his lecture about the topic “Strategy and message: The key campaign components”. More than half of all EAPC members joined this premiere via Zoom and were impressed by Rick’s presentation.

Here is the link to Rick Ridder’s presentation:

The evening was moderated by Dr. Gülfem Saydan Sanver, Istanbul, the head of the EAPC Academy Committee supported by the Committee members Justine Cassar Gaspar, Malta and Sepp Hartinger, Austria.