Stop the war!

European Association of Political Consultants Statement on Russia’s military aggression against Ukraine

The European Association of Political Consultants, EAPC, strongly condemns the aggression against Ukraine. 

On behalf of all EAPC members, our Association deplores the military incursion ordered by the Russian President against the independent nation of Ukraine, with its democratic structures elected in fair elections.

It is terrible what the Ukrainian people are now going through: Death, displacement and suffering will be rampant if the war is not stopped.

For the past 25 years of its existence, EAPC as an organization has stood for the support of the principles of democracy and the promotion of peace and freedom.

We at EAPC want peace in Europe and in all parts of the world. Therefore, on behalf of all members of our association, we appeal for an immediate end to all military actions in Ukraine.

In addition, we call on all peace-loving countries of this world to isolate President Putin and his aggressive regime by democratic means in such a way that the ability to act is noticeably damaged. It is the duty of all to put a stop to this catastrophe through unity.

At the same time, our feelings and thoughts are with the people of Ukraine who are victims of this war. We express our deepest sympathy and full solidarity to the Ukrainian people and all victims of this unnecessary bloodshed.

Our thoughts are also especially with our Ukrainian friends who are members of our association and with whom we are in daily contact.

We are all Ukraine now!

War can and must never be the solution to problems. In the 21st century, all the powerful people of this world should have long been aware of this – also from the experience of the wars in the previous century.

Let us all work together to finally make our world a place of peace, a world that is already in dire straits due to a wide variety of problems.


EAPC – European Association of Political Consultants

The Board on behalf of all members