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Latest EAPC News

EAPC/PONT Project:

EAPC and “Palace of Thinking” developing alternative approaches to alleviate the covid-19 crisis.

EAPC conference 2020 postponed without fixing a new date

Because of the so fast growing of COVID-19 in whole Europe EAPC decided to postpone the EAPC conference 2020 without fixing a new date.

Next IAPC World Conference in Miami, USA

The 53rd IAPC World Conference shall take place in Miami, USA, just after the US presidential election from November 8-11, 2020. The conference shall focus on the presidential election with high-ranking speakers from both sides. Don’t miss it! Save the date.

New relationship with the African Association of Political Consultants

Africa’s young political consultants have become increasingly important not only on this continent but also worldwide. Some years ago, they founded their own African Association of Political Consultants with an annual conference. An exchange program was launched last year to forge a new relationship between both associations.

Zoom Conference - The Future of EAPC

In 2021 the EAPC is celebrating its 25th anniversary. Reason enough for the association to forge new plans about the future of Europe’s largest group of political consultants via a big Zoom Conference.

New members

EAPC is proud to present new members of the association. During the last months the following colleagues became members:


Dr. Taylan Yildiz
Councilman in Istanbul, Founding member of İYİ Parti and Representative of Turkey of the Council of Europe.



Michal Novota, Slovakia
Political consultant from Bratislava/
Slovakia, operating in Slovakia, Czech Republic and Western Balkan.


Justine Cassar Gaspar, Malta
Owner and director of Lifetime learning Malta, coordinator for Edward de Bono, the founder of lateral thinking.

See more details on the “current members” page. Welcome to our family

A look behind the campaigns in Russia, Croatia and Poland

Election campaigns in Europe are always an extremely exiting Story. Each country has its own culture and its own challenge. Finding out more about the background and insides of campaigns is the the central importance to us as EAPC. We start this new EAPC service with first interviews about the Russian Constitutional Referendum and the the Parliamentary Elections in Croatia.

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