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EAPC Europe Conference postponed to:
May 23 - May 25, 2022

It should have been a long-awaited reunion of our industry, but unfortunately Covid won’t let it happen. The rapidly increasing numbers of infected people in Austria and across Europe are bringing new restrictions and have caused such uncertainty for both, participants and speakers, that a postponement of the conference was unavoidable.

“We are very sorry that this autumn conference cannot take place. It would have been a wonderful celebration,” said Sepp Hartinger, who is responsible for organising the conference with his agency Hartinger Consulting.

The EAPC Europe Conference will now be staged in May 2022, again in Vienna. “We all hope that by then Covid will have been contained to such an extent that nothing will stand in the way of a joint meeting.”

EAPC condemns politician's murder in UK

The EAPC condemns the politically motivated murder of MP David Amess.

The EAPC Board adopted a statement to this effect at its meeting on October 26.

Exciting Academy evenings On the elections in Germany and Russia

To mark the current occasion, the EAPC organised two exciting events on the elections in the two countries. Ekaterina Egorova and Ilya Grashchenkov from Russia and Reza Kazemi and Lukas Holter from Germany presented background information, insights and trends. Both events are available on this website under “Events & Awards / Academy”.


By the way, the next Academy evening will take place on December 7.

September 14:
Political Consultants' Day

From 2022, Europe’s political advisers will also have their own “holiday” in the annual calendar. On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the founding of the association, the EAPC declared the founding day, September 14, as “Political Consultants’ Day”, to be celebrated annually in the future. The aim is to make the work of the sector more visible and to emphasise the contribution that political consultants make to strengthening democracy.

EAPC celebrated its 25th anniversary virtually with a successful evening

September 14, 2021 marked the 25th anniversary of the founding of the association. Reason enough for the EAPC to take this as the occasion for a worthy evening, which was celebrated virtually due to the postponement of the Vienna Conference and the Covid pandemic.

Inside campaigns:
Learn more about latest campaigns in Europe

Election campaigns in Europe are always an extremely interesting story. Each country has its own structure, culture and its own challenges. Finding out more about the background and insides of the campaigns is very important to us as EAPC. Find out more about election campaigns in Europe through interviews with insiders.

EAPC | PONT Project: Alternative approaches to alleviate the Covid-19 crisis

The Covid-19 pandemic is one of the greatest challenges of our time. As part of a cooperation project between EAPC and “Palace of New Thinking” (PONT), alternative approaches in combating the crisis were developed.

New members

Continuing to grow, attracting new members from our sector who will join us in promoting fair and respectful work and strengthen democracy in Europe with their commitment is one of the EAPC’s primary concerns. That is why we are particularly proud to present to the public personalities who have become part of our association in recent months.

Welcome to our family!


Aloys Hirzel, Switzerland

Aloys Hirzel is co-founder of Hirzel.Neef.Schmid.Councelors, a leading communications strategy consultancy organized as a law firm. The partnership-led firm is primarily active in the development of communications strategies, issue management, political communications consulting, and the support of M&A and
 apital market transactions for national and international companies and institutions. The company with offices in Zurich, Berne and Geneva is owned by the currently ten partners.


Matt Klink, USA

Matt Klink, a partner at California Strategies, LLC and owner of Klink Campaigns, Inc., has more than 30 years of experience working on complex, controversial and high-profile issues for public and private sector clients, as well as initiative campaigns.

Jakob Ohlsson, Sweden

Jakob Ohlsson is a consultant with an unusual CV. As a self-taught activist-turned- entrepreneur he founded Reform Act – the first agency in Scandinavia focusing exclusively on political campaigns.

New relationship with the African Association of Political Consultants

Africa’s young political consultants have become increasingly important not only on this continent but also worldwide. Some years ago, they founded their own African Association of Political Consultants with an annual conference. An exchange program was launched last year to forge a new relationship between both associations.

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