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EAPC – Europe Conference 2024 May 15 to 17, Berlin / Germany

Welcome to our next EAPC Europe conference on "How is AI changing the world of political communication and election campaigns?"

in Berlin, which this year will be held under historic circumstances. In addition to the 2-day conference at the Conference Venue Rheinhardstraßenhöfe, we will be guests of the four most important parties in Germany: CDU, SPD, FDP and the Green Party. A unique social program rounds off the agenda. Join us! Click 'more' for all detailed information and to register.


Pioneers of Democracy: Book on the occasion of the 25th anniversary

On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the European Association of Political Consultants, the EAPC designed a comprehensive book on the development of democracy in Europe, on campaigning, the role of women in politics and much more. This book is an absolute must for anyone involved in political campaigning in Europe and can be ordered directly at any time at [email protected].

EAPC Academy:
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Four times a year, the EAPC presents prominent political consultants and experts from all over the world as part of “EAPC Academy Nights” to analyze elections on Zoom or learn more about new trends. Interested in participating? Please send us your e-mail contact at [email protected]. We will be happy to send you an invitation to the next EAPC Academy. Participation is free of charge.

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As announced above, this year’s Europe Conference will take place in Berlin from May 15 to 17, 2024. This conference offers ideal opportunities to effectively put products or your own company in the spotlight. The conference organization offers various possibilities in every price range. If you are interested, please contact the Conference Chair Reza Kazemi directly. He will send you customized options for your presence. Contact: [email protected]

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Since 1996, the EAPC has ensured that our industry stands closer together. Learning from each other, sharing experiences and setting joint activities for democracy in Europe are at the top of the association’s activities. Become part of our big family. Apply for membership at EAPC.

New members

Continuing to grow, attracting new members from our sector who will join us in promoting fair and respectful work and strengthen democracy in Europe with their commitment is one of the EAPC’s primary concerns. That is why we are particularly proud to present to the public personalities who have become part of our association in recent months.

Welcome to our family!


Alexander Lagger, Austria

Alexander Lagger is a seasoned professional in the fields of political communication, voter engagement, and mobilization.


Michael Eipeldauer, Austria

Michael Eipeldauer founded the public affairs consulting company Eipeldauer-Consulting e.U. in 2019.


Sabin Dima, Romania

Sabin Dima is a seasoned tech entrepreneur and former investor with over 15 years of experience in the industry.

EPCD 2024:
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Every year on September 14, the EAPC celebrates the “EPCD”, the European Political Consultants Day, which is always dedicated to strengthening democracy in Europe and the world. This time, the topic “AI: opportunity or threat to democracy?” is on the agenda as part of a prominent forum discussion via Zoom. Would you like to take part? We would like to invite you. Send us your contact details to [email protected]. Participation is free of charge.


Stand with Ukraine

The war in Ukraine is bringing unimaginable suffering. At the same time, it is creating a situation in Europe that has not existed since the last century. EAPC condemns this assault – which disregards human and international law in every form – on a democratic, self-determining country.

High level conference
in Izmir

The “EAPC Europe Conference 2023” took place in Izmir in mid-September. It was characterized by top-class speakers and an eventful supporting program.

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