Sepp Hartinger

Sepp Hartinger began his career as a political consultant in 1973 as the first full-time campaign manager for the Social Democrats in Austria and in this role was responsible for many election campaigns in Austria. In 1983, he founded his own communications agency, Hartinger Consulting, which developed into one of Austria’s leading creative and strategy agencies in the years that followed. When the communist system in Eastern Europe collapsed in 1989, Sepp Hartinger worked in numerous Eastern European countries as a consultant in a wide variety of election campaigns. In 1996, together with a number of European colleagues, he founded the EAPC, the European Association of Political Consultants, of which he is still a leading member today. Sepp Hartinger was also a member of the IAPC, the International Association of Political Consultants from 1982 to 2023 and its President from 1999 to 2001.

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