Susanne Hartinger

Susanne Hartinger is the managing director of Hartinger Consulting GmbH, which is one of the 25 leading communication agencies in Austria. After her studies of Spanish and English at the university in Graz, she did a post graduate diploma in advertising and communication. In 2007 she went through an entrepreneurial leadership program and was also part of the elite school of the Austrian business federation. In her career she has been the Executive Secretary of EAPC and the chairwoman of dialogue*international, an international alliance of independent agencies from all over the world. Besides her function at Hartinger Consulting she is also representative of “Frau in der Wirtschaft – the representation of Female Entrepreneurs”. Furthermore she shares theoretical and practical knowledge as the head of department of the course graphics & communication design at BFI Graz, an institution for professional development.

Kaindorf/Leibnitz/8430 / [email protected]