Levan Gurgenidze


Levan Gurgenidze is the Executive Director of East Europe campaigns at Gunster Strategies Worldwide based in DC, United States. He studied BA History and Politics at the University of Exeter, Master of Research in Politics at the University of Exeter, and Political Management at George Washington University in DC. Levan has considerable knowledge and experience of regional political dynamics, which he complements with the US expertise in the field of political management. He believes that high quality political management is essential for effective functioning of democracies. 

Levan currently leads a timely advocacy campaign aiming to raise Georgia’s profile in the United States. Proactive advocacy campaign is the only way to better prepare the society for potentially escalating tensions in the region. Through the project, Levan plans to raise funds to educate bright young Georgians at some of the top educational institutions in the United States.



  • Political Consulting/Marketing

  • Campaign Strategy/Management

  • Non Profit Consulting/Management

  • Political Communications

  • Public Relations/Affairs

  • Fund-raising


4800 Montgomery Ln, MD, USA

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