Mina Jordeby

Mina Jordeby, CEO
Muneris Konsult AB
Idungatan 1B, SE 113 45 Stockholm, Sweden
+46 73 940 0165
[email protected]

My core competencies are entrepreneurship and project management. For a period of twenty years I
has worked on complex missions as project- and operational-manager. I have started up and been
operating several companies in various industries. I have also extensive experience from information
management, logistics and analysis.
Some missions:
• CEO and board member of Muneris since 2008. Performed many consulting assignments
• Started and operated a distributor company within the radiotherapy industry in the Nordic region
• Establish and start-up of a consultant company based on services in health, work environment and
organizational development
• Project manager at retail companies in Sweden and Finland with responsibility for implementing
new technology and education