Dr. Taylan Yildiz


Dr. Taylan Yildiz was a councilman in Istanbul and a representative of Turkey at the Council of Europe . He also ran for Mayor for the city of Istanbul as an independent during March 31st 2024 local elections. He was the founding Deputy Chairman at İYİ Parti and a special advisor to Mrs. Meral Aksener.

He headed digital strategies for Mrs. Aksener’s NO campaign for the constitutional referendum in 2017, her presidential bid in 2018 as well as IYI Parti’s parliamentary election campaigns.

During his 10 years at Google he built ad optimization tools. Dr. Yildiz holds a Ph.D. from Stanford Business School.


  • Political Consulting/Marketing
  • Campaign Strategy/Management
  • Online Strategy/Management
  • Government Relations
  • Political Communications
  • Advertising