Richard Murphy

Richard Murphy is Managing Director of CSM, a political consulting firm based in the UK. CSM works alongside British Members of Parliament delivering professional advice on the construction and management of their communication strategies.

With more than twenty years experience of working with the Conservative Party, Richard has campaigned with six party leaders including Margaret Thatcher and John Major. He has a wealth of experience and expertise in structuring and managing election campaigns at European, Parliamentary and Local Government level.

He specialises in nano targeting and GOTV and trains party activists nationwide in “on the ground” field campaigning techniques. Richard has also trained party political activists in countries such as Ukraine, Moldova, Slovenia, Bosnia Herzegovina, Serbia and Montenegro often under the auspices of the Westminster Foundation for Democracy. Richard is also a Board Member of the IAPC.

Coleshill/The Manor, Coleshill Manor Campus, Birmingham Road/B45 1DL[email protected]