Ken Christensen

Ken Christensen, a National Democratic Strategist, is the CEO of The Politics Company Inc., a Washington, DC based Democratic media, political, strategic messaging, PAC outreach and national fundraising consulting firm. His political experience includes consulting International, Presidential, U.S. Senatorial, U.S. Congressional, Statewide, State Senate & House, and Local Democratic campaigns. He has written articles on politics and campaigning that have appeared in Campaigns & Elections magazine, has been quoted in national publications and was featured in articles in CNN Politics, Bloomberg News Politics, Associated Press News, the National Journal, The Hill Newspaper, the Reader’s Digest and Advancing Philanthropy magazine. Ken Christensen was named a Mover & Shaker in American politics by Campaigns & Elections magazine. He has studied languages and politics in Berlin, Germany; Vienna, Austria; Paris, France; St. Petersburg, Russia; and Rome & Florence, Italy as well as traveled to over 100 countries.


  • Campaign Video Design & Production
  • Political Consulting/Branding Strategies
  • Campaign Strategies/Management
  • Online Strategies/Digital Ads
  • Political Communications/Website Design
  • Campaign Fund-raising