Pedro Ochoa


Pedro Ochoa is the founder of PDO Agency, a digital marketing agency. He has successfully led political, regional, and international campaigns for public and private businesses. Pedro stands out for participating in the campaigns of Rescate Venezuela, Inc., An NGO that executed medical days in Venezuela and gathered medical supplies in more than 12 countries, creating awareness about the complex humanitarian crisis of Venezuela and the need for a humanitarian corridor, as well as the Coalición Ayuda y Libertad Venezuela. Also, Pedro created the campaign for the Observatory of Human Rights that keeps the list of political prisoners in Venezuela, among other human rights violations. This campaign helped obtain humanitarian measures for political prisoners during the COVID pandemic. Additionally, PDO Agency works alongside other agencies that provide services to international clients. PDO Agency is the Marketing Strategist for the news channel VPITV, where he was conferred several awards. 


  • Political Consulting/Marketing
  • Online Strategy/Management
  • Non Profit Consulting/Management
  • Political Communications
  • Advertising