Welcome to our EAPC family

Board launches large-scale membership drive!

Achieving more together!

The EAPC, the European Association of Political Consultants, has grown well in recent years, thanks to many initiatives. With the EAPC Academy,
the “European Political Consultant Day” on 14 September, as well as our annual Europe Conference and the permanent information, we have been able to make our association much more attractive. We would like to take advantage of the increased interest in EAPC and invite all those working in the political consulting, political campaigning, reporting, academia or polling industry to become part of our EAPC family. Being a member of EAPC brings a multitude of benefits, such as:

  • Close contact with colleagues across Europe
  • Exchange of experiences
  • Use of skills for your own business
  • Reduced participation fees for the EAPC Europe Conference (saving
    200,00 Euro)
  • Reduced participation fees for the annual conference of the IAPC –
    International Association of Political Consultants (saving 200,00
  • Book “Pioneers of Democracy” as a welcome gift (value 49,00 Euro)
  • Joint development of our sector
  • New training opportunities at reduced fees
  • And much more

Have we caught your interest?
Contact us for further information or send us your application for membership using the form below and add your CV (max. 500 characters,
examples under “Current members”) and a portrait picture. We would be very pleased about your interest!