EAPC Future Conference

Lots of positive Feedback on our "EAPC Future Conference"

In 2021 the EAPC is celebrating its 25th anniversary. Reason enough for the association to forge new plans about the future of Europe’s largest group of political consultants via a big Zoom Conference.

Moderated by Leonie Baldacchino from the University of Malta and the technically supported by “Palace of New Thinking”, a series of ideas were discussed, which will be implemented in the near future. Details will be presented step by step on the website.



Key points were:  

  • Project „Inside Camapign“

The EAPC will conduct and present interviews with campaign managers of elections. The first three interviews are already available on the website and can be found in “Inside Campaigns”.

  • EAPC Academy

    Webinars are planned exclusively for members, dealing with specific campaign topics. They will be organized every two months. 

  • Book „25 years of EAPC“

    In addition, a book project is planned on the occasion of the anniversary.