EAPC Conference
May 3-5, 2023

Welcome to the annual conference of the EAPC family. This time in a very special city, Izmir/Turkey.

From Wednesday, May 3, to Friday, May 5, 2023.
You can look forward to top-class speakers, a unique exchange of experiences with colleagues from many nations and a breathtaking social program that will take us to the House of the Virgin Mary and the historic city of Ephesus, among other places.
It is best to book your participation right now. With the early bird bonus, you save good money.

The main theme of the Europe Conference:

“Disenchantment, mistrust and lies:
Do we need to rethink political campaigning?”

The world of political campaigning has gotten rougher. Much rougher. And we can see the consequences in the examples of the storming of the Capitol and government buildings in the U.S. and Brazil. In Europe, too, the fronts are hardening, causing democratic values to be undermined. What are the causes of this development? Is it not also the responsibility of political advisors to emphasize the values of democracy much more than they have in the past? Shouldn’t we emphasize the added value of our own idea much more than fighting the political added value? All these issues will shape our conference in Izmir.

The preliminary program

Wednesday, May 3, 2023:

•  Morning: Arrival

•  15:00 Registration opens

•  15:00 EAPC Board Meeting

•  16:30 EAPC Annual General Assembly

•  19:30 EAPC Cocktail Reception for all participants

Thursday, May 4, 2023:

08:30 Coffee Time

09:00 Beginning of the Conference

09:15 Session 1: Turkey 10 days before the Parliamentary and Presidential Elections

10:00 Session 2: Disenchantment, mistrust and lies: Do we need to rethink political campaigning?

10:30 Session 3: Digital Campaigning: Do campaign managers need to rethink their strategies?

11:00 Session 4: Do populist strategies undermine the credibility of politics?

11:30 Session 5: Do political consultants share responsibility for the storming of the Capitol in Washington and the Government Buildings in Brazil?

12:15 End of the first Day

12:30 Social Event (Visit of the House of the Virgin Maria and the historical city of Ephesus)

Evening: On the way back, Dinner at a nice restaurant

22:00 Back in Izmir

Friday, May 5, 2023:

08:30 Coffee Time

09:00 Opening Day 2

09:15 Session 6: Upcoming European Elections 2024: Preparations, expectations, challenges

10:00 Session 7: What can political campaigns learn from other elections? Case studies from Elections in different European Countries.

10:45 Coffee Break

11:00 Session 8: Inspire with own vision instead of fighting the weakness of others. Do such strategies have a chance of being successful?

11:30 Session 9: Parliamentary and Presidential Elections in Turkey: What can Europe learn from them?

12:00 Session 10: Is canvassing still in keeping the times? And if so, what is the most effective way to do it?

12:30 Session 11: New thinking in political campaigning. Case studies from campaigns outside of Europe.

13:00 Session 12: Ins and outs in political campaigning.

13:30 Session 13: Are women the better Political Consultants?

14:00 End of the Conference

14:15 Lunch

15:30 Visit of the old town of Izmir

19:30 Cocktail Reception

20:00 EAPC Gala Dinner at the historical Gas-Factory

23:00 Back to the Hotel

Our conference hotel 2023:
Hotel Marriott, Izmir

The EAPC Europe Conference will be held at the Marriott Hotel. The hotel is beautifully located, directly on the city’s 20 km long seafront and offers all comforts for the conference.

There are greatly reduced room rates for the conference participants.

The prices are per night (currently valid until March 1):

• Single City View: 210 EUR

• Double City View: 230 EUR

• Single Sea View: 260 EUR

• Double Sea View:  280 EUR

The prices are valid for a limited number of rooms and can be booked at the following address until April 15, 2023, at the latest. The prices cover the period between April 30 to May 10. So if you would like to arrive early or extend your visit you will have chance to have the same rate. 

Click here for booking

Other cheap hotels in the immediate area

In addition, there are other hotels in the immediate vicinity of Hotel Marriott at lower prices that can be booked through various booking platforms or directly. EAPC recommends the following hotels:

Movenpick İzmir 

En Hotel İzmir 

Kordon Otel Çankaya, İzmi

Bring your loved ones or invite a student!

The opportunity to spend May in Izmir, but also the unique social program are reasons enough to register for the conference with your loved ones this time. Also, the very reasonable registration fee for one accompanying person, which does not include the participation in the conference, but the whole social program – from cocktail reception to Epheses, Izmir Old Town and Gala Dinner – should convince you. In addition, this year we have introduced a separate “student category” for which we would like participants to invite an additional student and cover the conference costs for him/her. Here we would like to see a strong interest.

Register now!

Book your participation now and take advantage of our Early Bird program  where you save up to 200,00 Euro.

Participation Fees EAPC Conference 2023 Eary Bird Rate 1* Eary Bird Rate 2* Regular Fee*
EAPC Member 790,00 EUR 890,00 EUR 990,00 EUR
Accompanying Person EAPC Member 490,00 EUR 540,00 EUR 590,00 EUR
Non-Member 990,00 EUR 1.090,00 EUR 1.190,00 EUR
Accompanying Person Non-Member 590,00 EUR 640,00 EUR 690,00 EUR
Students 590,00 EUR 640,00 EUR 690,00 EUR

*Eary Bird Rate 1: Booking until Feb 28, 2023

*Early Bird Rate 2: Booking until March 31, 2023

*Regular Participation Fee: Booking after April 1, 2023



The participation fees include the following services:

• EAPC Member and Non-Member: Participation in full Conference Program, Participation 
in all Social Events, Cocktail Reception on May 3, Lunchbox and Dinner on May 4, Lunch on May 5, Gala Dinner on May 5

• Accompanying Person of EAPC Member and Non-Member: Participation in all Social Events, Cocktail Reception on May 3, Dinner on May 4, Gala Dinner on May 5. No participation in Conference Program.

• Students: Participation in full Conference Program, Participation in all Social 
Events, Cocktail Reception on May 3, Lunchbox and Dinner on May 4, Lunch on May 5, Gala Dinner on May 5

Book your participation with the conference registration sheet


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Click on the button below and register yourself and your loved ones for the EAPC Europe Conference, Izmir 2023. Transfer your participation fee via:

a) Bank transfer

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Bank name: Akbank Levent ŞB
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b) Paypal (please use Paypal ID: [email protected]) 

Your booking will be valid as soon as your registration fee is credited to our account. Please book your hotel in Izmir directly through the hotels listed above.

Further information

If you have any specific questions or require additional information,
please contact the following addresses:

• EAPC Conference Organization: [email protected]

• EAPC Office: [email protected]

Once again, welcome to Izmir. We look forward to welcoming you.