Mauricio De Vengoechea

Mauricio De Vengoechea


Mauricio De Vengoechea, president of his own firm De Vengoechea & Associates, is a strategist, researcher and political communicator. He is one of the most recognized consultants of Spanish speech.
Since 1982 to date has advised more than 18 presidential candidates in Latin America and many others to senators, deputies, governors and mayors.
His work with the Venezuelan leader Leopoldo Lopez (now prisoner of conscience of international amnesty), his wife Lilian Tintori a human rights activist, and Dominican Republic President Leonel Fernandez, whom he advised for 10 years. is well recognized.
Has successfully advised several of the most well-known Latin American crises such as that of Ernesto Samper in Colombia and Alvaro Colom in Guatemala.
Winner of several awards, was president of Alacop and currently is vice president of IAPC.


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