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EAPC is organizing an annual European conference and the EAPC Polaris award. Are you interested in participating? 

Latest EAPC News

New IAPC board elected

At the 52nd IAPC world conference, IAPC made serveral changes in its structure. The board has been reduced from 33 members to 11. The new board has six male and five female members and is led by Mauricio De Vengoechea from Colombia.

Next IAPC conference in Miami, USA

The 53rd IAPC world conference will take place in Miami, USA, just after the US presidential election from November 8 to 12. The main topic of the conference will be the presidential election with high ranked speakers from both sides. Don’t miss it. Save the date.

News from the Polaris Award

EAPC is no longer the organizer of the Polaris Award. With the beginning of 2020 Kapital London, the organizing company of the award in all last years, has overtaken all rights for the award and will continue this worldwide open contest.

New relationship with Africans Political Consultants

Africans young political consultants become more and more important in this continent, but also worldwide. Some years ago, they founded an own African Association of Political Consultants with an annual conference. To start a new relationship between both associations, an exchange program has started last year.

New members

EAPC is proud to present new members of the association. During the last months the following colleagues became members:

• Mauricio Moura, Brazil
• Gordan Turkovic, Croatia
• Despina Portokali, Greece
• David Silva, Mexico
• Ivan Silva, Mexico
• Marlene Olvera Garcia, Mexico
• Selin Özkan, Turkey
• Aleksandr Magarams, Ukraine
• Julienne Uhlich, USA
• Sue Zoldak, USA

See more details on the “current members” page.

Welcome to our family!

EAPC plans local round tables

To have a better understanding about politics and developments in different areas, EAPC is planning to organize local round tables for members and others who are interested. Dates and places will be announced during the next few months.

European Association of Political Consultants
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